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Sciò Sciò Collection

Let yourself be tempted by good fortune...
whether you are superstitious or not a porte-bonheur jewel is needed
always .
The "Horn-shaped" symbol of virility, fertility and strength.
The "Owl" symbol of wisdom and knowledge.
Jewels to wear to face the most important moments of life.
You can not not have them!

Bubo Bubo Owl Pendant

Edvige Owl Pendant

Anacleto Owl Pendant

Uffa Owl Pendant

Owl Bracelet

Owl keychain

Owl Pendant Earrings

Owl Earrings Lobe

Charm Owl Horn-shaped Bracelet

Charm Horn-shaped Bracelet

Horn Pendant

Pavè Horn-shaped Pendant

Small Horn-shaped Pendant

Horn-shaped Earrings Lobe

Horn-shaped Keychain

It's not true but I believe it ...

Aglie, fravaglie e fattura ca nun quaglie,
‘uocchie, maluocchie e frutticiell rind’ all’uocchie,
corna, bicorna e la sfortuna nun ritorna,
sciò sciò, ciucciuè.

(Neapolitan saying)

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